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I am a Bristol-based artist working in drawing and digital collage.

My primary interest is in texture and tone. I find particular inspiration in places that are not obviously beautiful, or have deteriorated, and attempt to bring out the beauty by examining the textures and atmosphere of the subject. I am interested to see if something plain and ordinary can become interesting through exploring the texture and quality of light. We walk past such places every day and rarely notice the details, but art is created by looking and seeing something more.

The collages are created by scanning my drawings into a computer and building them up with transparent layers using abstract photos I take for colour and texture, often of concrete or roughly painted walls. The process is an important part of the work and informs the direction it takes. Through blending photographic layers, I can create almost any effect I am looking for, whether painterly or hyper-real and I often choose a combination to draw attention to the process and cause dissonance in the experience of the viewer.

Featured in 2017 in Paint and Draw magazine and in Time Out Bristol in 2015

My work is on permanent display on Platform 7 at Bristol Temple Meads station.

Here is a small insight into how I work.

Megan Sinfield retains all copyrights to original artwork and material posted on this site.

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